Fiber Cement siding is the most cost effective way to protect your home from the elements, save on energy costs, and attain the satisfaction that comes from knowing you will never have to paint again! CBC Construction Mike Hawryluk,LLC. provides unparalleled quality and guarantees in workmanship and the effectiveness of its Fiber Cement siding. Years of experience and knowledge has made us a true leader in the industry!

When properly manufactured and expertly installed, siding provides insulation in a few important ways:

  • It will create structural integrity.Fiber Cement   siding becomes a protective shell for your home.
  • Fiber Cement siding will increase R-value. R-value refers to thermal resistance, and is one way of measuring the insulating capacity of any given material.
  • Properly installed, Fiber Cement will allow moisture to escape, permitting the walls to “breathe.”
    Issues associated with mildew and rot can be effectively averted.
  • Fiber Cement  siding will prevent air infiltration - - Noise or pollution will be significantly reduced.


CBC Roofing Company  along with CBC Construction can offers a clear choice of product and guarantees. Our success is due to the professionalism of our approach and the superior installation of siding  product. Our siding systems are the most maintenance-free siding products on the market. They are backed by the strongest and most-comprehensive warrantees in the siding industry.

A few reasons why a CBC sided Home benefits:

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  • 45% more noise reduction
  • 300% more impact protection
  • Improved energy-efficiency
  • Seal out dust and dirt from outside
  • Reduce noise from the outside
  • Easy to clean
  • Enhanced security
  • Resists damage from cold, windy climates
  • Resists damage from wet, humid climates
  • Resists flame.
  • Resists damage from flying debris
  • Resists insect damage.
  • Resists cracking

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